View Full Version : How much longer Left in flower?

12-14-2017, 11:04 PM

so I have these 5 plants at 8 weeks 3 days. I want to feed just water for 2 weeks so trying to judge when to start. I'm thinking nute 1 more time either tommorow/sat them from next week just water for two weeks.

It will take em to just over 10 weeks flower. But if they can go 11/12 weeks I don't want to jump the gun with cutting the nutes.

Trichs are cloudy, a few spots I can see Amber starting to appear but mostly just cloudy. I want mostly Amber for the most "couch lock" effect.

I'm a heavy smoker and last crop I cut at all cloudy, this one I want a stronger high!

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05-09-2018, 08:55 AM
I don't think 11-12 weeks is out of the questions, but I haven't tried keeping them for that long myself so take this with a grain of salt.