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10-28-2017, 03:23 AM

The BLU-JET® LEGACY™ Commercial Class Applicator is designed for your high rate, high acre application needs. Oscillating Dual Wheel Truck Tires provide excellent flotation in pre-plant, post-harvest, and StripTill Operations. Optional Single High Flotation Tractor Tires allow for unmatched functionality in Side-Dress Operations. The highly versatile 6”x6” mainframe permits numerous row configurations in swath widths from 37.5’ to 52.5’ with the ability to apply NH3, Liquid, Dry, or Dual Placement Applications. The wide rank enhances residue flow, while the Constant-level hitch allows for fine-tuned leveling adjustment front to back. LEGACY™ has quickly become the new workhorse of the BLU-JET® line.

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