i have a friend thats a new card holder but everything about this system here is so hush hush that it dosen't seem legal at all.

my friend was asked on the application if they were going to use a provider or if they were going to be growing their own.

they responded on the app that they would be growing their own because they knew of no providers nor could they find any info or anything from the state about how to find a provider.

clones?? can they buy them?? if so then where?

craigs list was is a good source in a states like Co, Az, Cali but here in Montana there just seems to be no legal way for my friend to get their meds or even find anyone to share info about what to do or where to go for info.

the legal mmj system here in Montana is so screwed up that the only way to get meds/clones/seeds etc is to get them illegally. am i missing something when i read the statue?

Please help.


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