Teas and brews, H2O2, Clorox, fungicides and then there is always replanting when all this stuff fails and all is lost. Discouraging no? You bet it is...

On the upside-The vast majority of growers never have fungal problems because they can keep the roots healthy for several months until the crop is harvested. There are few growers that do fail to keep the roots healthy and these growers do have serious problems with fungal pathogens sometimes.

Is it cheaper and easier to prevent fungal infestations or treat the fungal outbreaks after they are discovered?

Fungi are ubiquitous little creatures, like buzzards waiting to eat the dead, decaying. You see buzzard infestations around dead cows and horses in pastures as you pass by.

A crop harvested is always far better than no crop harvest regardless of the quality of the product. Right?

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