an individual should be able to get a license for 7200 (will just refer to it as being 10k, would probably be a terrible idea to not consult a lawyer first) that would allow them to grow and sell to dispensaries. That seems pretty dreamy and I think you could make up the money spent on fees fairly quickly with a full basement.

This raises a couple of questions for me that I figured I would throw out for random chatter. First and foremost, would any dispensary actually buy from an individual. My understanding was all existing retail/med outlets had to grow their own...so they have growing facilities in place and one would assume they are not going to be that interested in paying to buy it when they could grow it cheaper. If I were a dispensary and cared about my reputation of having great products, I would be very leery of taking in outside product and putting it on my shelf. A decent amount of the concerns could be alleviated by testing the product, but who would cover that, the grower or the dispensary? Outside of the numbers, I would expect anyone that would be in a buying position to be able to distinguish the good from the bad.

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