Currently I'm looking into becoming a zoologist because I love animals. Although becoming a master cannabis grower for a company would be super amazing. I love gardening and growing immensely.

I just don't really get how or if it's that plausible of a career. I'm looking to go to Ohio state university for zoology but they do have a horticulture degree too. I was just browsing cannabis jobs and they require a degree in horticulture and most of the master grower jobs offer pay $70-90k per year or more.

This is more than zoology usually and I also happen to love plants as much as animals. My biggest fear is just getting a degree and going down a certain career path and then hitting a dead end and being jobless.

Seeing how medical cannabis and even recreational use is becoming more prevalent and less taboo I'm met at a crossroads with what to do. Certainly more places will open up now that more states are legalizing it.

I just don't want to go down a career path and have degrees on stuff that won't get me anywhere. I really need some suggestions and pointers from other people.

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