I decided to try my first grow with my brother this year. We have read up on what we could find but are still a little lost and looking for answers. We don't expect anything, more of a rookie test run in preparation for next year (Maximum yields are not the goal! We are happy with anything we can grow).

That being said, we have come up with a plan. The plan being: Growing some seeds(4-6) to the veggie stage in pots (using compost and 15-15-15 fertilizer), transplant from the pot to the ground at our farm (Very good soil. Spot is in a small forest with good wind cover. Should get all morning sun and a portion of afternoon sun, then shade from trees for the rest of the day just so we don't "Fry" the plant with heat on hotter days).

Since we will only be visiting the plants once every 1-2 weeks we have decided to make an automatic watering system. My brother is a computer engineer and has made a battery powered circuit that can detect moister in the soil. When there is a lack of moister it turns on a small water pump that carries water from a tub, through a hose with poked holes. This hose is snaked around the plants.

We think this is a solid plan for a first grow with low expectations but we would like opinions from you guys. We currently have 4 2 week old plants growing in pots. Sadly we do not know the exact strain but know that it is an outdoor strain.

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