I'm planning on starting indoor hydroponics as soon as my outdoor is done and out of the way. I know how to grow outdoor just fine, but have basically no experience with indoor so I need some of your expert advice.

I'm going to convert my entire 20' x 24' garage into the grow room with separate rooms for vegging and flowering with enough room in the vegging room for a mother plant and cloning.

Power is not a problem as I have a 200 amp service on the house and only use about 100 of it at most in the summer. Also I have a sub-panel on the garage with 100 amps running to it.

The garage is already well insulated with 6" in the ceiling and walls and was planing on putting an additional 1' of hardboard insulation on the interior walls as well as mylar.

I'm a licensed caregiver for 3 licensed patients which basically gives me a legal total of 300 sq.ft. of mature females. I only want to grow 1/3 of that or 10' x 10' indoor and do the remainder outdoor.

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