I have a spreadsheet that I use to analyze the elemental composition of nutrient mixes - it comes in very handy when comparing products that you may want to purchase. It helps to see the overall effects of a complicated nutrient program... if you will.

I realized the other day that I have a spreadsheet for each of the nutrient recipes from the famous growers of years past - and from many different manufacturers. I have analyzed them to see what type of system I should be running. It is my way of breaking down what they do so that I can better understand things.

As I get time, I will take the information out of the spreadsheets, print it to an image, and then upload the images. I am not allowed to post excel spreadsheets as that has been deemed dangerous by the powers to be - so you will have to accept this format for information exchange

I will post the charts and tables, each in their own separate post, so that they will be well organized.

All of these will include the same schedule. A week for seed germination. Two weeks for being a seedling. Followed by a 5 week veg period, and finally a 9 week flowering schedule. This is my typical schedule that I run for germinating seeds - though many plants don't need this long in veg. I follow manufacturer recommendations for how to extend their (typical) 7 week grow. I don't think that matters as it gives a good outline for just about any grow.

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