I would start a thread to share advice on how to get the best images from your garden. I'm using a decent point n shoot digital camera with pretty complete manual controls. However, most things can be done with even basic point n shoots, or in post processing software. Most of these tips are for taking photos while under your HPS, but also apply for taking nug shots. Keep in mind I'm just a point n shooter so I may not have all the language correct, but you'll get the idea.

Don't take photos of shitty weed.

Use a flash. It may seem contrarian when photographing something under bright lights, but using the flash will eliminate shadow and help bring out detail in your flowers.

If your camera has white balance setting, set it to tungsten if you are shooting under the HPS. If it can't be set to tungsten, set to auto white balance.

Use a tripod. Since you are trying to capture details of the flowers, the more still the camera, the better the chance of capturing detail.

Use the timer setting. Some cameras can just be set for a 2 second delay, that way the press of your finger doesn't bump the camera. As in the point 3, the stiller the camera the better.

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