I just want a camera that will attach to my computer that will show the trichomes clearly at about 40x to 80x on my screen. Basically a microscope that will attach to my computer.

Hoping to find something around $50 to $150 range but will pay more if needed. I am not very good at searching the net for stuff and just got a bunch of web cams when I tried.

I saw some a couple of years ago but can't get back on that site. Hopefully it will be able to zoom out so I can take some gnarly pictures of my entire buds as well.

I am currently using an Ecoplus 60-100x hand held Illuminator Microscope which works fine for checking trichomes at 60x which seems to be the optimum for my old eyes. I also have a 45x hand held but that is not really adequate for my eyes.

Have trichomes coating the buds so thick they are all squeezed together. Need to pick out those amber trichomes. Like to harvest when I have approximately 5% to 50% amber trichomes. Will post pics when I get my camera.

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