After search in this forum about the phenotype responses of Sensi Hindu Kush and Afghani #1 and not encountering so much, I made the decision to post here some results. I postponed the decision to grow some cannabis this year until late, first days of June.

I'm in the 40th north parallel, with a Mediterranean climate. I fond a spot with silty loam soil, which has a good drainage. Going for the basics, I bought Sensi Hindu Kush and Afghani #1 and germinate them. 20 seeds, 20 seedlings on June 9th. After preparing the growing location I put the plants in the soil on July 10th, with 32 days old, giving each one 20l of compost.

I'm irrigating them with a four days interval, mixing regular fertilizer solutions in the proportion of 1.5ml/l. Until floration: 7-5-6 by irrigation and foliar application (2.5ml/l) of a fertilizer with 160g/l N and 240g/l Ca; all with all microelements. From floration, August 26th for Hindu Kush and September 2nd for Afghani #1, it was prepared one application of gypsum solution 0.4ton/ha (0.8kg/40l) and started to administrate 5-8-10 by irrigation.

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