Top 10 tips for a successful marijuana grow:

1) DO NOT Tell People. (Silent Pride)
You can and will be extremely proud of your accomplishments as you successfully harvest your homegrown marijuana. KEEP YOUR SECRET. Ever heard of jealousy? Divorce? Revenge? - People listen and always want to feel important, don't make it their gossip. Protect your investment - Shut-up.

2) Keep Everything Clean (Spotless)
This means you too! Your tools, your floors, your walls, everything. It pays when there are no bugs, or disease, or an environment for them to spread. This is truly under-rated - wash your hands upon entry everyday.

3) Grow from Quality Seeds
Your final product is 90% dependent upon it's genetics. Be prepared to be disappointed using unknown seeds. Hence the popularity of our website and these first quality marijuana seeds. You can trust us.

4) Develop A Quality Soil
When you begin your garden, develop a soil that works well for you. Start with just Miracle-Grow™ Potting Soil if you wish. PH should balance around 6.5 for most cannabis plants.

5) DO NOT Over Water (Most common mistake)
Too much water can kill young marijuana plants. Following germination, allow the surface to get crusty. Stick your finger 3-4 inches under the soil, if no moisture, then water thoroughly. Sink water should sit open for 24 hours or more to release chlorine among other potentially harmful sediments.

6) DO NOT Over Fertilize (2nd most common mistake)
If your soil contains certain nutrients, do not add more of these with your watering schedule. When adding nutrients to your water, - apply every other watering. The vegetative stage likes more Nitrogen, and the flowering stage like more Phosphates and less Nitrogen.

7) Provide A Superior Growing Environment
Temperature, humidity, air circulation and personal attention are all vital areas that can make for a most stress free growing environment (or not). Work to keep these consistent. Play music to your garden and have a mild breeze pass around the room during certain hours. Invest in their individual happiness, and you will prosper greatly in your future satisfaction.

8) Keep Disposal Separate
Keep all of the trash from your garden in separate bags from your other refuse (includes anything). Dispose of all your garden garbage into an available commercial dumpster when needed.

9) DO NOT Harvest Too Early
This can be tough. Be patient, you have waited and nurtured for this long. Your plants can probably gain weight by waiting too. To be sure, wait until 50% of the pistils have turned brown and you know you won't be early. I have also harvested from the bottom or top over a couple of days based on bud appearance to get them at their most mature.

10) Have FUN!