Very fast vegetative growth---grown in soil, you want to veg it about 3 weeks and top it 2-3 times so it grows into a bush. Manipulate/bend the branches every few days so that they get strong during veg stage; also use a fan. After flipping to 12/12, expect it to double or triple in size. In a 5 gallon home depot bucket, my plant got 2.5 times as wide (about 29") as the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket at harvest.

Subcool Super Soil + Advanced Nutrients: Big Bud, Tarantula & Bud Candy every 2 weeks. Flush at least 10 days before harvest!

One of the best Sativa high's I've experienced. Not racy like some sativa's. The onset is very fast and lasts for a good 2 1/2 - 3 hours after smoking about 1 gram. My favorite way to smoke it is in the icewater bong, but it also does great in the vaporizer! This weed will make you wanna do stuff. Helped me stay up during a 3 day weekend concert.

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