What’s with that scary word “scam” in the title? Back to my story of the two gentlemen arguing in the dispensary. As I listened to them argue I looked around and read the big sign above the counter that stated “All medicine has been lab tested.” What did that mean exactly? All of the samples behind the counter and on the menu had the THC levels advertised, so I had a pretty good idea they were at least doing basic potency testing.

I asked the three clerks behind the counter what other testing was performed. As expected, I got three completely different answers. One said that they tested for everything, the other said they tested for mold and THC. The last told me they didn’t test for mold anymore because it was too expensive and they only bought from reliable growers anyway. He also mentioned that it was all organic so we didn’t need to worry about pesticides. This was pretty much the response I expected. It’s not uncommon for people who work in an industry to know very little about it. It’s just a job, right?

Please help.


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