I just ordered 5 feminized Maui Wowie seeds from Nirvana seeds through seedsman. I am a bit new to doing outdoor soil because most of my experience is from indoor DWC.

I still need some help with watering times and amounts as well as feeding times and amounts. I also need to help with the ideal plant food. I'm thinking about using simple soluble-fertiliser (Which needs flushing) and either potash or charcoal.

It is also Nearly summer in the southern hemisphere and am thus starting the crop 2 or 3 months late. I also wanted advice on containers as well as using a humidity-dome tray as well as the type of soil.

If people could send messages or comments in that have the right type of experience this would be great. I attached a picture of the seeds I ordered but I'm still waiting to get them when I'll make more pictures.

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