I've been growing in the bush for years and I used to follow the general rule about 50/50 white and red hairs in the buds to decide when to harvest. However in the last few years I've taken a progressive approach which I believe (with the strain I have) make for a much bigger yield especially if September is fairly sunny.

The basic idea is to harvest the tips of the branches at the beginning of the month and repeat the process as the under buds get an extra week or 2 a chance to further flower. This is assuming you have removed any males as they were identified earlier in the season. Obviously if frost hits then the remaining buds might suffer but its worth the gamble cause you've already got most of the harvest.

The point is that since the plant still has a healthy root system, morning dews are usually plentiful at that time of the year so no further watering is needed and the non fertilized female plant will continue to try to get pollinated so if the sun is there the under buds will grow 20-40 % bigger in just a few weeks.

I continue the process right into October (barring a frost) and I end up harvesting popcorn buds right up to thanks giving. With legalization around the corner this will be much simpler when the plants will be in my backyard.

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