Started some plants outdoor. I have 3 seedlings 3rd week. Any tips would be much appreciated. I have no time for lights and such. So it's outdoor grow. The 3 that I have, haven't shown it's sex yet, maybe next week. What is the min and max sunlight do they need.

I have them in 5 gallon buckets that are filled 2- 3 inches from lip. I'm using roots organics 707 formula. I also mixed coffee grinds and course eggshells. I'm going to be watering with rice water every2days also looking to add molasses to the rice water.

Any advice on what else to add I work in a restaurant so I have an abbundent amount of veg and fresh salmon scraps. I'll buy the soil I rather use the things I can get at work rather then buying ferterlizer from store. If you don't know medicine is very exspensive here. 300 an oz. This is personal use not to sell.

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