I've been gardening indoors and outdoors for a long time - probably around 25 +/- years. For probably 90 percent of this time I've used assorted bottled nutrients. I was always told, and I believed, that I couldn't grow high quality buds without those (very expensive) bottles of assorted chemical nutrients. Boy, was I wrong. I've probably used almost every brand and type out there, in the search for the perfect brand and type.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to organics. Sure, I was skeptical - I've had it drilled into me, like everybody else has for SO long that if I didn't use the right veg nutrients for vegetative growth, the ricght flowering nutrients, check my pH, check my PPM, my TDS, pH my runoff - you guys know what I mean - that I couldn't grow high quality meds.

So, in the search for the perfect growroom setup and gardening methods, I decided to try organics. I had heard that organic buds tasted better than hydro buds so I figured.

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