Top 10 Water Pipes, a look at some of the best.

Looking for some of the top 10 water pipes online? We have scoured the online pipes shops, to find some of the best water pipes for the cannabis connoisseur and have compiled these great selections. These are only a few of the best, out of millions of water pipes on the market. So your favorite may not be here but we could only pick the Top 10 bongs.
We like to use to purchase some of our rigs, as they have the best prices for quality and on time, intact delivery warranties, that will get you a new pipe quickly if unforeseen shipping breakage occurs. So all links will direct you there and you can make the decision, as we said there are too many to list. We will be featuring more pipes from various shippers in the future so stay tuned.
We hope that you see one you like, because 420 is coming soon and a new pipe is a great way to celebrate!! Here is our Top 10 water pipes.
#1 – The Straight Honeycomb Disc 16 in. Percolator Bong
This affordable and popular rig has a shower head cut down-stem, and a classic tree perk, these perks combined offer the best filtered smoke you’ll taste anywhere. 16 inches is a perfect size for everyday and semi portable use. Very easy to clean with wide cylinders, makes this one of the better water pipes. This is a great piece also features an ice catcher/splash guard. This is a heavy pipe made to last and being made by Grav Labs it has quality engineering into it. This pipe has a price of $175.00 at
#2 – Helix Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs – 9 Inches

This is one of the best pipes on the market for price, functions and quality. This great piece is also one of the most popular scientific glass bongs worldwide and we agree. Once again it is in the sweet spot for size, at 9 inches. It is great for everyday use as it is not too small or pack it easily and take it to a friends house. This pipe has a direction intake stem, matching x-cut down-stem, and bowl, all on a 50mm beaker base. Also with the Helix name on it is going to be one of quality, durability, and functionality. This pipe has a price of around $149.00 at

3.png#3 – Nano Matrix Mini Bong 14mm – 9 in.
This is a nice 9 inch water pipe, with a matrix puck type of perc to deliver the smoothest of dab hits and a bent mouth stem for splash protection. This puck design gets nice aeration for smooth hits. This water pipe is steady and durable and has a few colors to choose from. It is made by Purr Glass so the quality is amazing. This pipe has a price of around $179.00
#4 – Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs – 9 Inches – 50mm – Clear, Black
This is a unique pipe is made from very durable 50x4mm glass. Black accents on top and base make this a nice looking water pipe. Thick durable glass to last a lifetime and withstand the rigors of use. This pipe is on sale at for a mere $74.99

#5 – Gravitron Gravity Bong – L or XL
This is a throwback to the good ole days, but in full thick durable glass. This great piece comes in two sizes L and XL for huge hits. This is made from very thick glass and if you do break a part it is very inexpensive to replace, This is a great water pipe for the price. Get one now and have your friends envious.
#6 – Roll-Uh-Bowl – Unbreakable bong – 8 inch
One of a new comers to the top 10 water pipes is this cool little thing. It folds out to be a great bong. You have probably seen these out there and we have to say they do work great. The Roll-Uh-Bowl is been selling like hotcakes and there is a reason for it. The 8 inch flexible pipe is easy to use and store and very well priced. A great buy at $39.00 on

7.png#7 – Double Honeycomb Percolator Straight- 14 in. Bong with Ice Catcher
A straight shooting no frills double honeycomb perk, this pipe is one of the mainstays of the era. The classic design with ice catcher and multi perc set up lends this pipe to ice cold, smooth, aerated hits. This great water pipe is very easy to clean with large diameter tubes so you can get in there if needed. A fantastic buy on for $119.00.

#8 – Upline Bubbler Bong – Scientific Glass

This is a very unique water pipe or “bubbler bong” as it is called, and will get people looking at what you smoking with. This is an extremely unique scientific glass bubbler that percolates and cools the smoke as it heads up the spine, cooling in each chamber. Designed by the award-winning Micah Evans, few glass water pipes compare to the incredibly cool Upline bong. for $179.99.

9.png#9 – Swiss Honeycomb 9 in. Bong
The Swiss Honeycomb comes with a nice size bowl, a beautiful color coded honeycomb perc and an ice chip holder, this pipe delivers cool and smooth hits. This beautiful water pipe is very durable, an eye-catcher if you get it in yellow too. With its reinforced stemless design, thick 14mm glass, it will last for years. Price sits at a low $239.00 on

10.png #10 – Nano Turbine 10 Inches Bong
Everyone loves turbines because of the cool display of moving water and the way it will smooth out the harshest of strains. This nice little rig delivers all of the best qualities of a turbine in a small and affordable water pipe. This has a fat, stable base and with its reinforced stemless design, thick 14mm glass, it will last for years. Check out this nice piece at for $179.99

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