I recently bought some Krishna Kush from a shop in Colorado, and found a seed in one of the buds! I would like to have a self-sustaining source of medicine, so I thought why not give this a shot.

This is my first time growing. I used the "wet paper towel method" and then moved it into a solo cup with "Pro-Mix Premium Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix" soil (contains: peat moss, peat humus, compost, perlite, gypsum, lime, organic fertilizer; 50% organic matter; 0.30% nitrogen, 0.12% phosphoric acid, 0.10% soluble potash).

The seedling is now in an aluminum foil tent under 9,600 lumens from 6 CFL (at 6,500 K) on 24/7. Humidity 46%, temperature 23C. There is a gentle breeze from an oscillating fan on the outside corner.

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