The accompanying document (3 page Evaluation Roadmap) notes that the Directive has been largely successful in its core objectives, with today 95% of EU wastewater collected and over 85% treated according to the Directive requirements, and integration of its requirements into the Water Framework Directive.

Certain UWWT Directive provisions could however be clarified, for example the meaning of “appropriate” treatment in terms of phosphorus removal for sewage works < 2000 p.e. in eutrophication “Sensitive Areas”. The European Court of Auditors noted in particular to the need to tighten discharge limits to take account of technological progress, and to improve cost-recovery to ensure sustainable financing of wastewater infrastructure.

The evaluation will assess the effectiveness, coherence, efficiency, relevance and EU added-value of the UWWT Directive, and feed into definition of possible EU further action. The Roadmap cites amongst questions to consider whether water treatment is sustainable, in particular phosphorus and nitrogen recycling, coherence with circular economy policy and with the EU Sewage Sludge Directive, and energy/greenhouse gas emissions.

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