With so many people growing weed for the first time we thought it would be worthwhile publishing some general guidelines that will allow you to make a good start and grow some absolutely great quality weed with the minimum effort. Over the next few weeks we will review indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grows.

Today we look at outdoor growing. For lots of people growing outdoors is the preferred method. Outdoor enthusiasts say that sun-grown weed tastes better too. Certainly the potential for growth is enormous especially in warm sunny climates.

Anyone looking to grow outdoors should read some of the tips and advice on the grow forums such as the UK420 Forum where you can read about everything from soil characterisation, soil improvement, pest control and lots more.

Selection of grow spot. In a domestic back garden on your own property you just need a sunny position. Most growers prefer a private spot that can’t be seen by others.

Which seeds to grow? For a first time grower you are looking for a strain with a proven reputation for being hardy enough to grow outdoors even in northern climates such as the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, the northern part of Russia etc.

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