102.01 No mixed fertilizer shall be sold or offered for sale or distribution unless a minimum of twenty percent (20%) available primary plant nutrients (nitrogen, available phosphoric acid, and potash) shall be present and shown on the tag, except for liming materials fortified, with primary plant nutrients, which are covered in subsections 104.01 to 104.02 of this chapter, and low analysis specialty fertilizers which are covered in section 110 of this chapter.

110.02 Low analysis specialty fertilizers that comply with all the requirements of a specialty fertilizer except Section 102 of this chapter may be offered for sale or distribution, provided they are prominently labeled, "Low Analysis Fertilizers".

I could determine, the definition shown above applies in the state of Mississippi. Depending on what kind of fertilizer (is it a "specialty fertilizer"?) you are dealing with, you may want to read all applicable sections of that document.

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