this thread has been posted on behalf of a grower who contacted me. I cannot verify who they are, nor can I answer questions on the cultivation of these illegal plants for them, or can be linked to any responsibility of these illegal actions committed by this grower. However, questions asked will by answered by them through this account. I do not break UK law nor do I promote it, I am law abiding UK citizen.

Okay, so this is a White Widow x Big Bud plant (Female Seeds) which had been started inside for the first 3 weeks under a combination of CFLs and windowsill sunlight, then it was taken outside and transplanted into a soil bed, it has the occasional feed of Miracle Gro and tomato plant feed however the grower isn't that on top with nutrients. From what I've been told it's beginning to flower, and bushing out nicely.

Please help.


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