So, yesterday was my first attempt at making pot brownies w cannabutter but I think I must have done something wrong since I didn't feel anything AT ALL. I've eaten pot brownies and cookies in the past where I didn't feel anything on those occasions either, but I later on learned that they were made wrong - where the weed was just thrown in with the other ingredients. Since I didn't want to waste any product, I did a lot of research before attempting to bake the brownies and followed all the steps I learned were required and necessary.

I was vaporizing the same kind of bud I made the butter w while waiting for the brownies to kick in.. Could that have had an influence? Or maybe I have built such a high tolerance? Even though ingesting is supposed to be a lot more intense. Could it be possible that some people are unable to experience the high when ingested? - might be a stupid assumption but I really don't know what I did wrong.

Please help.


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