Whatís sad here is not how little they knew, but that for this particular dispensary, potency was a higher priority than safety. Lets look at the math and see how much money they saved by not testing for the safety of their product. For this example I am going to use retail customer prices available from our friends at SC labs. Potency testing runs $80 while testing for potency combined with pesticides, plant growth regulators, fungicides and microbes costs about $168.

Most labs require only a one gram sample for testing and most dispensaries will only test one sample from any given batch of cannabis. This means if a dispensary buys one pound from a grower or vendor and sells it in ⅛ ounce (3.5 gram) increments for about $50 each, the dispensary would spend only 68 cents per sale for a complete test.

If this pisses you off, just wait. Dispensaries often buy more than one pound of the same cannabis at a time, sometimes 10 pounds or more. If the dispensary only payed to have one sample tested the cost per ⅛ ounce could be divided by 10, now costing the dispensary only about 7 cents per sale. On top of this, SC labs as well other labs, offer significantly reduced prices for accounts that do a high volume of business with the lab. You and I might not qualify for these savings, but dispensaries will.

In many cases this could nearly cut the cost of testing in half again. Donít ever let a dispensary tell you they canít afford to do full lab testing on their medicine. It costs about the same to test the cannabis as the packaging your medicine came in.

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