I read a lot of stuff on here about faint lines on drug tests and none of them were very comforting to me. So hopefully this will help someone out. I am 5'7" 260lbs, I have never really been a heavy smoker but I would say I maybe smoke a quarter ounce every month. I just had to have a drug test for employment on Friday 1/15/16 and I hadn't smoked for 10 days.

I took 6 drug tests, two of which were Walgreen brand at home drug tests and four from Amazon, all of which had a faint line that you could barely see and I mean really faint! (I will post a picture of my darkest one) I was so nervous I even paid to take another test at a different lab.

So here are my comforting words, mine at the lab I paid to have it taken at was negative and so was my test for employment! I didn't do any sort of dilution or anything. I drank a 20 oz Gatorade before testing. So the point is no matter how faint the line is you will pass!!

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